The Team!

Jaylen Fuller  -  Stage Assistant and setup crew. Stage preparation for Outreach Director. 

Freddie Lewis  - Operations Manager, oversee equipment inventory and all Event Logistics. Play a significant role in event planning. Supervise operations team to ensure operational excellence and functionality. 

Brian Dunn - Assistant to the Operations Manager.  Assist with Addressing operational issues and concerns, coordinates set up from beginning to end and also troubleshoots. Maintain a clean, safe and organized environment.

Deborah Dye has served numerous communities and families with God's Outreach Ministry  for over seven years. Deborah manages Guests and Volunteer Registration.

Ruby Lewis - Volunteer Registration Assistant.  Assist with managing guests and volunteers.

Liz Lewis - Face Painting and Makeup Artist, Liturgical Choreographer.

Marion Alexander - Volunteer Registration Assistant.  Assist with managing guests and volunteers.

Jaylen Caudle - Stage Crew and set up. Stage preparation for Outreach Director.Anticipates the needs of the director and carry out tasks, responsible for organizing everything and ensuring everything flows upon the director's needs.

Thomas Banks  - Head Chef, Manager of Food Preparation and Servers.  Monitor food preparation methods, portion sizes, and garnishing and presentation of food in order to ensure that food is prepared and presented in an acceptable manner.

Marla Dunn - Health Fair Coordinator, collaborates and coordinates with community agencies so that they are informed of what we are doing in the community and how can they partner with us so that community can benefit from the services that's available!