Carmen Dorsey

Evangelist John Dorsey

Carmen Dorsey is a native of Chicago, Illinois and has been serving in ministry since 1983. She later relocated to Woodbridge, Virginia in 1996, where she served in ministry as a Worship Team Coordinator, Director of Worship Arts and later became a staff member as an Executive Administrator in her church.  In 2005, she married her wonderful husband, Pastor John Dorsey and now serves as Vice-President of God's Outreach Ministry, Inc.. Since then she has been working side-by-side with her husband as they served in the local church, local and state-wide community outreaches, workshop trainings, and conducts a weekly women's bible study all while fulfilling the Great Commission. Carmen and John are the proud parents of two lovely daughters, gifted sons-in-law and three beautiful grandchildren. 

Evangelist John Dorsey has worked on the forefront of national and world evangelism since 1991, taking the Good News of the Gospel to those who may not know the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ! He serves as President and CEO of God’s Outreach Ministry, Inc.. John states his ultimate goal and mission is to "reach the lost by all means necessary," while training ministries with evangelical techniques to help advance the kingdom of God. He has served as a lay pastor and an instructor in ministry leadership training in the local church. John is reaching the world through community outreaches, disaster relief efforts, mission trips, prison ministry, senior citizens ministry and through many other opportunities for the kingdom of Heaven.